Wood Grill Buffet


See, what happened was…


…back in 1996 the Western Sizzlin Corporation acquired a successful buffet concept after 35 years of paving the way in the family steakhouse industry. The dream was to create a full-service restaurant buffet concept with a commitment to quality unlike any other.

In 1997, the corporation decided to merge their wildly successful buffet concept with the recognizable brand and superior service of Western Sizzlin as a franchisable option. Out of this marriage Western Sizzlin’s Wood Grill Buffet was born.

Later that year, a restaurateur from Southwest Virginia jumped at the opportunity and opened the first Western Sizzlin’s Wood Grill Buffet in Charlottesville, VA. The store has since grown to be the highest volume store in sales in the entire Western Sizzlin system!

Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, the award-winning Wood Grill Buffet is known for its fabulous home-style buffet including carving stations, homemade casseroles, garden fresh salads, country vegetables and straight-from-the-oven bread and desserts. You won’t find mediocre buffet food poured out of a can. Instead at Wood Grill Buffet, we’re in the kitchen as the sun comes up chopping vegetables and making our famous homemade chicken salad as we follow our authentic recipes.

Great Food

Our commitment to quality shows in every item on the buffet at the Western Sizzlin’s Wood Grill Buffet. A winner of the Charlottesville Reader’s Choice Best Buffet Award, you’ll find more meat choices than any other buffet around. Our homemade chicken salad, slow cooked pot roast and our famous fried chicken puts us in a category all on our own!

We pride ourselves on our flavorful hot and cold food selections; including carving stations, homemade casseroles, fresh salads, country vegetables and hot fresh baked bread and desserts. How many home style vegetables and fresh baked goods are on the bars each day? Come in and see for yourself because we know you don’t have time to read a list that long!

BBQ & Grilling as a Lifestyle

Being a family restaurant we are encouraging and rewarding our customers with the best grilling experience. We understand that nothing can be compared with the meat cooked on your backyard on your hand picked charcoal grill that’s serving you for already tens of years and we try and assure you to bring the same family atmosphere when you are here with us at Wood Grill Buffet. We care for you, your family and the food you like.